Fight for Working Families and Households

We need legislation that supports working-class households and protects taxpayer's wallets

  • Eliminate rising property tax burdens and pass a bipartisan solution that supports schools with stable funding

  • Put a stop to politicians who vote for the increasing truck traffic destroying our roads and infrastructure and leaving tax-payers on the hook for increasing maintenance and repair bills

  • Adopt a fair tax structure based on wealth, thus lowering taxes for our working-class households

  • Promote healthcare affordability, such as capping outrageous co-pays, prescription costs, and surprise bills

  • Implement union and job protections that provide stability for families and households 


Our families and households are strengthened when more working people are union members. When working people come together to negotiate, they gain better wages, health care, workplace safety, schedules, and dispute-settling processes. The strength of unions reduces inequality so that middle- and low-wage workers can claim a fair share of economic growth.

Corporate lobbyists and their lawmaker friends are dismantling the rights of working people. Well-funded and dishonest anti-union campaigns are pushing for anti-worker federal and state laws. That’s right: the richest corporations, their lobbyists, and the lawmakers that ally with them are fighting hard to take away worker rights.

Likewise, many states have cut public sector wages and benefits, and broken pension promises they’ve made to retired workers. I’ll fight back against these anti-worker trends by supporting legislation that expands affordable healthcare programs, strengthens unions, ensures fairness and equality, and imposes harsher penalties for discrimination and sexual harassment.