Protect our Vulnerable Citizens

We need to protect the most vulnerable in our communities - our seniors, veterans, and those suffering from disabilities and mental health challenges.

  • Support our seniors with lower taxes, increased rebates, and support to end social isolation

  • Protect programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and create healthcare affordability caps

  • Expand home and community based long-term care services so seniors can age with dignity in their homes

  • Fully fund effective reintegration, housing and healthcare programs that properly support our Veterans

  • End the opioid epidemic destroying families and hold pharmaceutical and government leaders accountable 


I’ve worked closely with the AARP, the country’s foremost senior advocacy group, so I understand the resources and legislation needed to keep our seniors and veterans thriving. I’ll be a state representative that votes for them, not against them. And there is a clear crisis in patient care, with nurses spending less time at the bedside, chronic understaffing, and high turnover, all of which lead to unsafe conditions for our parents and grandparents in care, as well as the caregivers. We need representatives who care!

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. lags behind other countries in workforce participation because more opioids are prescribed here than in other countries. I see the impacts of this epidemic in the Slatington area, and we aren’t alone. In 2015, more than half a million people suffered from heroin use disorder, while 2 million were addicted to opioid painkillers, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

More than 64,000 opioid-related deaths were estimated in 2016, with a particularly sharp increase (approximately 20,000) in deaths related to fentanyl. We need to act immediately to end this crisis by proactively educating our youth on the dangers and holding big pharma accountable.

During the last federal government shutdown, Republican leaders voted against funding veteran pay while funding their own paychecks. Republican leaders repeatedly call for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, which provide the much-needed resources our seniors and most vulnerable need just to survive. Our servicemembers, active and retired, deserve our respect and support.