Elect Fair, Hardworking Representatives

We need leaders who inspire cooperation across the aisle, govern together and put people before politicians, parties and outside interests.

  • Elect hardworking, open, honest, servant leaders who fight for constituents first, rather than party puppets and political pickpockets who sit silent and do nothing but take our hard-earned tax money as salary

  • Level the playing field with common sense reforms, such as fair, independently-drawn districts, secure elections, voter protections, equal unaffiliated and third-party opportunities and anti-corruption campaign finance reforms

  • Protect freedoms from government control, religious persecution and restore nondiscriminatory law and order

  • End the corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse that burdens taxpayers 


According to Fair Districts PA, letting legislators draw voting districts behind the scenes, with no oversight or standards for fairness, is an enormous conflict of interest. They use sophisticated mapping technology and big data to profile voters and pick exactly who they want in or out of a district. They accept money from parties, super PACs, and outside interests, which all target Pennsylvania because we’re a populous swing state with lax campaign finance laws. They draw boundaries to maximize their influence, minimize their accountability, and keep their seats in office secure. The result? Your vote counts less!

Gerrymandering means politicians listen to party leaders and outside interests rather than the people. They use techniques like “packing” and “cracking” to target voters from particular groups, such as the opposite party or minority or low-income voters, to reduce their influence. Many voters feel understandably frustrated, so they disengage—which adds to the vicious cycle of un-accountability. When districts are designed to protect incumbents, new faces and new voices with fresh ideas and solid platform are kept out of office or discouraged from running at all.

We simply can’t fix the serious problems facing us without a functional democracy. Currently, there’s legislation in Harrisburg to amend the state constitution to create an independent citizens redistricting commission and it has broad, bipartisan appeal and support, but unfortunately not from our incumbent, for reasons he avoids explaining.

From 2016 through 2018, state House and Senate candidates spent nearly $3.5 million that cannot be fully traced based on the information they publicly disclosed, according to thousands of pages of records reviewed by news organizations. Pennsylvania lawmakers operate under some of the country’s weakest campaign finance laws, and our state is the only one with neither contribution limits nor an explicit ban on spending campaign cash for personal use, according to a nationwide survey. Pennsylvania's standing as a national swing state, coupled with these weak campaign finance laws, is the reason why citizens are targeted so heavily, causing lengthy campaign seasons, extensive mail and advertising attacks, manipulative messaging, and overall voter frustration and fatigue. All this could be prevented, but we need leaders who put citizens before politicians, parties, lobbyists and outside influences.