Invest in our Students and Teachers

We need to equitably fund our public schools, empower our teachers, and increase opportunities for affordable access to state schools and trade schools.

  • Create a stable, common sense source of fair funding that supports our students and school districts

  • Establish fair funding and equal accountability standards for charter schools

  • Establish funding for universal Pre-Kindergarten

  • Create equal opportunities and affordable access for students to state schools and trade schools

  • Provide the fair pay, support and resources our teachers need to be effective and empowered 


Our public schools, the foundation of strong communities, have long suffered from gross underfunding, which causes your school districts to raise your taxes. According to the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Pennsylvania’s public schools are currently 46th in the nation in state funding and last in equity. Unfortunately, if your school districts are raising taxes, it's because conservative legislators like our incumbent are cutting funding!

Our schools are under attack from conservative lawmakers and a network of millionaire-funded interest groups that are pushing tuition voucher programs that have drained more than $500 million from our schools. These lawmakers and interest groups also back harmful legislation that weakens the teachers union. I will work to stop these assaults on our students and teachers.

We need to adequately and equitably fund K-12 public education and provide affordable tuition for public colleges and job training programs so that all Pennsylvanians have and equal opportunity to find meaningful and well-paid work so our state stays competitive and doesn’t unnecessarily burden our graduates with crippling debt. Our students, teachers and taxpayers deserve a system that works!