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    product name:masterbatches, pigments, pumping tablets
    core products    clients:plastic, plastic pumping tabletsplastic toughening agent super toughening filling material
    product name:plastic toughening agent ( liquid, powder, granule)
    brief description:
           Allgong and Argiope brand toughening agent series are the leaders in chemical auxiliary area. First, they are global unique colorless and transparent liquid professional development toughening agent, it has not any influence on the transparent and color of the plastic. Second, Ultra-low dosage, high-quality in toughness. Third, the new model of the powder plastic toughening agent is three times of tis kind. Notice: we just sale plastic chemical auxlilary, not the poter.
    The HIPS allgong plastic toughening asjunct agent, it can be replace the material of ABS plastic, which can help you to reduced your material cost more than 23%.
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    A-610 plastic toughening agent just for PA A-623 Toughener of powder, apply in PS,POM,PMMA,PET,PP,PE,PC etc. A-669 toughener of granual,apply in PP,PE,PVC,POM,PETG etc.
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      All toughened with g
      China pays greater a
      Malaysia not to hike
      US recycling project

    function masterbatch

    toughener of plastic powder

    toughener of plastic granule

    toughener of plastic liquid

    toughener of plastic powder
    plastic toughening agent in made-in-China   The Plastic Toughener & Eyeglasses frame Showing    plastic modifier agent in indiamark web  
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